NEW Baby Shower Wishing Tree Printables:Floral Wishing Tree Tags and Sign with Directions 72222


Baby Shower Wishing Tree Printables with Sign and Tags-

Beautiful and fun baby shower activity!  Set up a display using these printable tags and sign for your own wishing tree. This is a great way to include all of your guests as they leave tips, tricks, advice and wishes for the baby!  This can also serve as a guest book and gorgeous baby shower decoration.

No physical items included.



Baby Shower Wishing Tree Printables including Tags and Sign-instant download

These gorgeous printables are designed with a beautiful array of flowers that coordinate well with a pink, floral or elegant baby shower! The tags and signs print beautifully.

HOW TO USE THE Baby Shower Wishing Tree Printables

Download the tag sheet, print, trim, add ribbon. Print the sign. Display the tags next to the sign, along side a cup of fine point pens. The sign gives the directions to your guests. Once the guests complete writing a wish or their advice, the tag can be hung on a tree. When the shower is over, the tree can be displayed in the nursery or the tags can be saved in the baby book. This activity can also serve as a guest book. You will have all these sweet handwritten notes and memories to cherish for a lifetime!

NOTE: When you print the tags, make sure to only print on one side, so that advice can be written on the back of the tag. From experience, there are no lines on the back, so it does not constrain the handwriting.

WHAT IS INCLUDED WITH THE Baby Shower Wishing Tree Printables
1- 8.5 x 11 inch printable sheet which includes 8 tags, each measures 4 inches tall.
1 -5×7 inch and 1 – 8×10 inch sign with directions (you choose which size works best for your event).
All printables come in both jpg and pdf and come in zip file.

HOW TO DOWNLOAD THE Baby Shower Wishing Tree Printables

These printable tags come as jpeg and pdf printable sheets.  You can open the PDF into the PDF viewer (this comes on most computers).  If not, you can download Adobe reader for free here: or open the jpeg into a software program of your choice.

PRINTING SUGGESTIONS FOR THE Baby Shower Wishing Tree Printables
If you need printing instructions and paper suggestions, please read my blog post. It includes answers to my most asked question.

Matte Paper (top choice for product photography) –
Glossy Paper (if the sign will come in contact with water) –
Soft Gloss Paper –


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