Gardening Quotes:SPRING QUOTES, PNG Quotes, Inspirational Quotes #4920


This inspirational collection of digital quotes is all about spring, flowers, gardening and renewal. These instant download word art images can be used for creating cards, posters, adding to scrapbook pages, magnets, shirts, fabric, 3-D projects and so much more. These are png images and requires compatible software for opening, viewing and editing the quotes.

16 – png quotes (which means it comes on a transparent background). The quotes measure between 3-9″ wide and are 300 dpi. Feel free to re-size and re-color as needed. The samples photos are just for viewing. All quotes come without a background. These quotes come without watermarks as seen in the photos.



Spring Quotes

This spring quotes collection is designed for creating printables, junk journaling, party invites, planner clipart, social media quotes, cards, scrapbooking layouts, subway art, photo overlays, posters, etc.

16 digital quotes, png (with a transparent background). The quotes in the samples are embedded with a watermark. When purchases, all images comes as crisp black quotes without the white watermark. These images be re-sized and re-colored. PNG images come on a transparent background and can be opened and edited in compatible software such as Adobe Photoshop Elements. Any backgrounds used in the sample photos are used for display purposes and are not included in the collection.

All quotes come without a background. If you need them in another format, please contact Baer Design Studio.

TERMS OF USE: You can use these quotes for all your personal/small commercial digital scrapbooking, web/blog backgrounds, invitations, greeting cards, collages, planner stickers, t-shirts, mugs, mixed media, baking goods, magnets, jewelry, handbags, fabric, crafts and the like.

You can use these quotes for small commercial sales as long as they are altered and incorporated into your own creation.

They are NEVER to be resold “as is” anywhere. If you are interested in selling items incorporating my designs in large quantities (over 250 times), please purchase my extended commercial license. Please contact me and I will prepare a custom commercial license for you.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask before purchasing the digital download. Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final.


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