Why I chose the vibrant new petitePLANNER by Erin Condren (which includes 4 journals in 1)

I am so excited about my new petitePlanner by Erin Condren. It is an easy, organized, portable and BEAUTIFUL daily planner system. I have tried many different planners- some have worked depending on my stage of life, and others have not worked very well. I decided to give the Erin Condren Petite Planners a try!

Why did I choose this planner system? Because, you get to build your own planner system (dimensions: 13.375 x 8.25” (unfolded) and it fit in my purse. The planner folio is made up of journals/separately bound books. Personally, I was carrying around separate books anyway – my calendar, business planner and quiet time journals. So why not have them all the same size and organized into one folio? With the PetitePLANNERS + FOLIO PLANNING SYSTEM you can add up to four journals into one folio. I love that I can transfer any of the individual journals over to a second year even if my calendar has expired. I can also separate the journals if I decide to carry them individually.

Here is how the petitePlanner by Erin Condren works:

Step 1 : Choose your folio aka the cover. I chose the Wonder Woman folio. Okay- so it might sound a little weird, but the gold folio with the embossed Wonder Woman emblem is subtle but strong. So I am going with it. Every little bit of positive power helps!

Step 2: Choose a calendar — or a variation of a calendar. As an entrepreneur, I organize my business life differently than my personal life, so I use two separate calendar journals. My personal daily calendar helps to keep track of all the items I need to get accomplished overall besides my business. This one comes dated. This journal is for 3 months at a time to cut down on the thickness. For my business, I use the 18 month calendar with lined pages.

As an entrepreneur I find my projects carry from one day to the next and sometimes can take weeks to complete depending on the scope of the project. So being limited by boxes, does not work for me. I organize my business more so by lists.

Step 3: Choose a specialty journal for planning, tracking and or motivating specialized area of your life. If you need a little extra journaling encouragement, please take a look at my other blog article 6 Reasons to Begin Journaling. There are budgeting, gratitude, medical, travel, meal trackers, wellness journals and more. I chose one to help me set and keep my overall intentions and goals. I like having one dedicated space where I can focus my dreams, inspiration and goals especially as I am entering a new chapter of life. Again, if I choose to keep this one separated from my folio or transfer it to following years, I can do so!

Step 4: Choose a blank journal -either with lines, dots or blank pages. I purchase extra journals to keep on hand, so as a need arises in my life, I have a journal ready to go. Whether it is starting a new home improvement project, a new business adventure or a new personal area of study, I like having a blank journal “slate” where I can begin my brainstorming sessions. I prefer to strike when the iron is hot, so by keeping an extra journal handy, I am ready to go when inspiration strikes.

Instead of letting 2020 beat me down, I am choosing to focus my intentions on building a healthy future. So I have put together a system to conquer the world- or at least my world!

I wish you much joy and creativity, Brigitte Baer, Baer Design Studio

Baer Design Studio is part of the Erin Condren affiliate program and receives financial compensation. Baer Design Studio only recommends products that are tried, true and loved!

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