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Personalized Water Bottle Printable Label
Instant download rustic water bottle label

This blog is for customers who have already purchased their instant download or personalized DIY Printable Water Bottle Labels from Baer Design Studio. If you have not placed your order yet, you may view my water bottle label designs here

My custom designed labels come in both jpeg and pdf. Open the PDF into the PDF viewer (this comes on most computers).  If not, you can download Adobe reader for free here: or open the jpeg into a software program of your choice.

If you choose to print out the labels onto sticker paper, here is an Avery sticker paper I like to use This is a full sheet sticker and you can cut to fit your water bottle. I prefer to cut my own labels instead of using a precut label so I can cut the exact size to fit my water bottle. Water bottle sizes vary between manufacturers, so you can tweek as needed. My favorite water bottle is by Dasani. The water bottles maintain their shape and they do not tend to fall over when set on smooth surface.

No matter what paper you choose, ALWAYS print my images on WHITE paper. When choosing the type of paper to use for your inkjet printer, I find that it is best to use paper from the manufacturer of the printer you are using.  I personally use Epson glossy photo paper  because it seems to hold up the best with temperature change, the colors are bold and the label  does not wrinkle when people are holding the bottles during your special event.

Prefer to work with card stock? The number one printing problem comes from customers who are trying to print onto CRAFT STORE card stock. I do not recommend this type of card stock as it is porous and can have a coating. These papers are commonly found in the scrapbooking sections of stores such as Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.  Instead, look for inkjet or laser friendly card stock/cover paper online or at an office supply store. Here is one I have used from Staples. If I need a stiff cardstock, this is a pretty good option. This is 110lb card stock, however, the prints are not as vibrant as I prefer.  I use it when I need something heavy and inexpensive such as a label for a child’s classroom party.

The most overlooked component of printing at home tends to come with the printer settings. Make sure to adjust the printer settings on your printer.  This will vary based on the printer manufacturer.  The majority of the time I use “BORDERLESS PRINTING” because I do not want the printer to shrink my image and to make sure there is not an additional  white band added to the outer edge of my image. I always choose “BEST PHOTO”, even if I am not printing a photo (I find is best to treat the printable image as a photo).  These settings are generally found under the advanced settings option. Make sure to choose the correct “PAPER TYPE” setting.  When you are working with specialty papers, from Epson, Avery, etc., they enclose printer instructions which tell you which paper settings to use.

If you prefer to send out your labels to be printed at Staples, Office Max, Kinkos, etc., they have a variety of paper finishes and paper weights to choose from.  Should they ask, you have my permission to have Baer Design Studio tags printed by a professional printer.

Once the labels are printed, I like to trim the labels using a paper cutter rather than handheld scissors. Depending on the brand of bottled water you use (I like Aquafina bottles as they are made of a stronger plastic and do not fall over), you may need to trim the ends of your labels.  To attach the labels to the bottles I recommend using hot glue or ZOTS large glue dots. Make sure to place the ZOTS on the center of the backside of your label and in the corners of the label.  I use 6-8 dots per label. DO NOT SKIMP on the adhesive or the labels may pop open. Hold in place for a few seconds to make certain that the label properly adheres to the bottle. 

If you have any questions, please contact me at

Thank you, Brigitte Baer of Baer Design Studio,

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