How to Make Hershey Kiss Stickers

Supplies needed for your project: How to Make Hershey Kiss Stickers

Supplies needed to make chocolate kiss stickers

Customers ask me why I prefer to use this method rather than going with a pre-cut circle sticker paper. I prefer to print my circles onto my choice of photo paper/use a circle punch/use glue dot adhesive because I get a more polished final result. If I use a pre-cut printable sticker paper, I do not get the same image crispness and it is more difficult to align. So here is the technique I recommend:

Print out your choice of digital chocolate kiss circle images. You can purchase a design through Baer Design Studio or design your own. I recommend printing onto a glossy photo paper because the images pop and they are a sturdy weight to attach to the bottom of the chocolate kiss. To get the best printing results you can read my earlier blog How to Print Paper and it will guide you through the print at home process.

Punch the circle label

I recommend trimming the 8.5×11 inch sheet into strips first. You can use scissors, but I personally use a paper cutter. It is easier to align the circle images with the punch when you are working with stripes rather than the whole 8.5×11 inch sheet. I find it is easier align your circles when you turn the punch over. Punch the label. The designs from Baer Design Studio are slightly larger than the punch so there is a bit of forgiveness if you did not perfectly align the design with the punch.

Attach the glue adhesive to the circle label first and then apply to the bottom of the chocolate kiss

There are a variety of glue dots available at craft stores. I love using dots because they have a strong grip and will not peel off the chocolates. Also, they are not messy to use. I find it is easiest to place the cut out circles onto the adhesive first, press down and then peel back. Once the adhesive dot is on the circle, center onto the bottom of the chocolate kiss and press to adhere.

Add chocolate kisses to a treat bag and use twist tie or a tag

You are now ready to add the kisses to treat bags, put into a bowl on a candy buffet or scatter them down the center of a table like confetti! Print as many labels as you desire and repeat the process! Once you get the hang of it, you will be eager to make more and more! Add the decorated kisses to a small box holding a gift card, use for graduation party favors, milestone birthdays thank you bags, anniversary party decorations, baby shower favors, etc.

Personalized tags are also available through Baer Design Studio

Baer Design Studio carries a wide varietys of both personalized tags and instant download printable tags to help you create your bags of chocolate kisses, so please stop by and take a peek….

Happy creating! Brigitte Baer of Baer Design Studio

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