NEW Flannel Fling before the Ring Kit Instructions in 6 easy sections

The Flannel Fling before the Ring kit instructions are for those who have purchased the instant download Flannel Fling Printable Kit. This theme is a fun and easy way to throw a bachelorette party or bridal shower. Just download, print, assemble and decorate. It includes signs, bottle hangers, labels, bride tags, gift bag decor, as well as blank labels and stationery for you to add your own special details.

1. How to Print the Flannel Fling signs

Most of the Flannel Fling before the Ring kit printables come in both jpeg and pdf. Open the PDF into the PDF viewer (this comes on most computers).  If not, you can download Adobe reader for free here or open the jpeg into a software program of your choice.

If you print at home you can find my printing directions here. My favorite paper for printing is Epson Matte Paper, but it does not have a lot of body. If you are placing the sign on an easel, I recommend 120lb Accent Opaque card stock because it has an electronic guarantee to run on most home printers. It is the thickest card stock I have found that I can print at home with the best final result.

The 5×7 inch signs are perfect for displaying on a miniature easel and adding to a tray, as part of your bar or incorporate into your food spread.

I also LOVE using the 120lb card stock for making gift bags. I used white paper bags, put hot glue on the back of the sign and attached it to the front of the bags. It gave the paper bags some needed reinforcement and made for a beautiful gift table backdrop!

If you want the signs to be printed onto canvas or a board I recommend Prints of Love.

2. How to Print the Water Bottle Wrappers

For printing, assembling and paper recommendation for the water bottle wrappers, read my water bottle label tips & tricks.

3. How to Print the Wine Bottle Labels

For printing the wine bottle labels, read my wine bottle printing ideas.

4. Bottle Hang Tag Directions

  • Print onto the 120lb Accent Opaque card stock.
  • Cut apart the two hang tags with a paper cutter or scissors.
  • Punch a hole on the white plaid using a 1.5″ handheld punch (this is the same size handheld punch used for the circle labels). I did not add a circle onto the design as the size of a bottle neck varies.
  • Fold and make a crease where the plaid meets the floral on the hang tag. To get a clean crease, use a metal straight edge or a bone folder scorer.
  • Hang on a 750ml bottle.

5. Blank Printable Tags & Labels

How to use the rectangle tags as hang tags

  • Print the rectangle gift tags onto 120lb Accent Opaque card stock.
  • Trim with paper cutter or sharp scissors.
  • Use a Sharpie pen to write in names.
  • Punch hole.
  • Add ribbon and attach to a party favor, gift bag, etc.

How to use the circles as stickers

  • Print onto a full sheet adhesive backed paper.
  • Use 1.5″ handheld hole punch (same one used for bottle hang tags) to cut out the circles.
  • Use a Sharpie pen to write in name or item.
  • Peel off adhesive backing and attach.

6. Blank 8.5×11 Stationery and 11×14 Placemat

For printing the 11×14 I recommend a matte photo paper. Print as many as you need to use for tray liners, placemats, wrapping paper, etc.

If you want to make invites, games, menus, etc. I have included a blank 8.5×11 image. For the stationery, I recommend printing onto my favorite Epson matte photo paper.

Follow my printing instructions to achieve the best results.

These Flannel Fling before the Ring kit instructions can be used for ENTIRE printable party collection

This kit is only a part of the Flannel Fling before the Ring printable party collection. Here is a complete list of the collection: