How to make a Wishing Tree for a Baby Shower in less than 10 FUN steps!

Instructions for making a wishing tree

Learn How to Make a Wishing Tree for a Baby Shower using Baer Design Studio printables

I want to share my ideas for how to make a wishing tree for a baby shower because THIS is an activity that you will never regret spending your time and energy creating! The wishing tree, with a pink floral baby shower theme, not only collects wishes and advice from the guests, but it also serves as a guest book, memory book, baby shower decor as well as an activity. After the party, it can become nursery decor!

Place your wishing tree on it’s own table near the entrance to the shower, near the gift table or even as a part of the the dessert table. The most important tip is to remember to have your guests fill out the tags. If you are have a place setting for each guest, you can incorportate the tag into the setting. If you are playing games, you can allow time for everyone to fill out a tag.

Another idea is to have someone, perhaps a sibling or close friend of the mom-to-be, walk around the shower with extra tags and ask guests to fill them out as well as pick up the tags that have been completed. Offer to hang them on the wishing tree for your elderly guests or those who need extra assistance.

If you are inviting guests (especially those who are far off and may not be able to physically attend the shower), include a tag in the mailed invitation and request to have them mailed it back to you. You can include a self addressed stamped envelope. I did this for an event during the pandemic and was soooo happy I did!

After the event, the lighted wishing tree, with it’s loaded branches, can be moved into the nursery where all the advice is readily available. Once the baby is able to crawl, remove the tree and add all the tags to a memory book. All the tags, filled with handwritten advice, wisdom and love can be handed down from generation to generation.


  1. CHOOSE YOUR BRANCHES from your backyard, the floral section of a hobby store or use pre-lit branches. For my tutorial, I used pre-lit birch branches because I loved the extra twinkle. With the white birch stems they have a touch of realism, and the lights are subtle and beautifully wound around the limbs, making it easy to attach the tags. The lighted branches create a focal point shower decoration.
  2. CHOOSE YOUR BASE VASE I recycled a coffee can as it was wide enough to accomodate the three large branches. Then I and covered the coffe can with paper to match my theme. Add floral foam to hold the stems in place and then add glass beads to the base so the arrangement does not tip over.
  3. INSERT THE BRANCHES making sure to spread the branches so it is there is enough space for the tags to hang. Optional: add butterflies or any filler flower to the the limbs so it looks beautiful even before the tags are added. I cut out butterflies using my Cricut for this display.
  4. COVER THE BASE with spreaded paper or filler for a cleaner and more decorative look!
  5. DOWNLOAD TAGS four inch tall tags seem to be the best size.
  6. PRINT TAGS with the beautiful design on the front. Keep the back blank, without lines, so it is easier for your guests to write their wishes or advice. Print extra tags, as per the instructions.
  7. TRIM, PUNCH HOLES and ADD RIBBON to the blank tags.
  8. PRINT THE WISHING TREE DIRECTIONS and BABY SIGNS and ADD TO FRAMES OR EASELS to place near the Wishing Tree. Having quotes/verses/sayings about babies is a sweet way to reinforce the power of the written word. The ones from Baer Design Studio go along with the theme and can easily to added to a frame or easel. There are five quotes, so they can also be added to each guest table as part of the decor.
  9. PLACE THE TAGS and SHARPIES near the display. Provide a spot near the display so guests can write their advice and then easily hang the tag on the tree. I encourage using fine point Sharpies as they write beautifully and the ink dries immediately.
Baby Quote Sign

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