Product Review for Krylon Glitter Blast Spray Paint

Krylon glitter blast spray paint to upcycle old ice skates

I’ve used a wide variety of gold spray paints, gold finishes as well as glitter spray paint combinations. Since gold is part of my signature trademark, I feel like I must of tried every gold paint on the market! Some products flaked, other products did not give enough coverage. Krylon Glitter Blast is my favorite spray paint-like finish. I have used at least 12 cans on multiple projects, so I felt confident to share my findings for this product review for Krylon Glitter Blast Spray Paint.

I was looking for a glitter spray paint finish that dried hard and did not leave me with a constant trail of glitter flakes. Glitter Blast is referred to as a “finish” so for my first project, I used Glitter Blast to add a glitter finish to the pegboard I created for my son’s “keys to success” graduation party. I loved the end result, however this spray paint has some strong positive and some strong negative aspects. I decided to give you a detailed list of pros and cons and let you decide whether this product would work well for your intended project.

How to make a Keys to Success display
  • PRO: Creates a glitter finish effect without using tradional loose glitter in a shaker. In the past, when I wanted to apply glitter to a 3-D product, I first had to apply a modge podge type adhesive, then shake on the glitter from a bottle and repeat the process a number of times. Once completed, I had to finish with a spray topcoat to hold the glitter entact. This was a very messy and time consuming process. Glitter Blast combines those 3 steps into one. That is my favorite feature!
  • PRO: This product is acid free and works well on wood, plastic, metal, craft foam, cardboard and even shoes. My favorite project was refinishing my son’s old football helmet, batter’s helmet and old football cleats for his high school graduation party display. I washed his football cleats first, applied gold spray paint and then applied the glitter blast. The finish was extraordinary! After the graduation party, the sporting goods moved into my son’s bedroom and became part of his childhood memorabilla display. I also used the glitter blast to upcycle a couple pair of old ice skates as Christmas presents. I used the same method of applying gold paint first and then spraying with glitter blast. I used new ribbon to lace up the ice skates and filled the skates with bottle brush trees, pom poms, tassels, and Christmas ornaments. They made Christmas beautiful gifts.
  • PRO: This product is a sealer and the glitter is infused into the clear spray and it dries hard with little glitter flaking.
  • PRO: Photographs beautifully. I have used the glitter blast for props and because it does not have a over powering metallic sheen, it reflects just enough light for even an amateur photographer as myself.
  • PRO: Final finish has a fine sand paper texture with a shimmer. You can adjust the “gold” depending on the base spray paint color you use. For the Keys to Success board, I used a beige undercoat. For the ice skates, I used a bright gold base coat.
  • PRO: It does not flake the way loose glitter does when you use the modge podge method I mentioned above.
  • PRO: Easy to apply and the paint does not run the way traditional spray paint runs. It is important to steadily and consistently spray over your project. The more product you apply, the more opaque the end result will be. I read reviews saying that the nozzle clogged. This product hit the market in 2011. I started using it in 2016. Perhaps Krylon made adjustments, because I never experienced a clogging issue (and I used at least a dozen cans).
  • PRO: Comes in 18 colors.
  • PRO: Flawless touch up. I used the spray on some wooden display trays. After two years the trays got scratches so I decided to freshen up with another coat of glitter blast. It did not take much to freshen up the trays and they returned to their former splendor.
  • PRO: Although I would not serve food directly off a tray or plate that was sprayed with glitter blast, I have used sprayed trays near food and on food displays such as a dessert bar and beverage station. I never noticed glitter coming off and contaminating any food or beverage.
  • CON: This spray paint acts more as a topcoat and sealer rather than a traditional spray paint with an opaque finish. You should apply a base coat of color first. I learned this the hard way. I was trying to turn a white item gold, and it took a lot of spray. Although it changed the the color to an opaque gold, it was an expensive mistake. On my next item, I painted it first with a base coat and it made a world of difference.
  • CON: It releases a lot of particles into the air, so you must use drop cloths generously. I found it best to set up an area in my garage with the garage door 3/4 of the way down. This provided me with ventilation however it blocked the wind. Do not use inside your home. When using this product wear a mask and gloves. There is a toxic smell so I advise leaving your item in a moisture free space to completely dry for a few days, although the paint technically dries within 20 minutes.
  • CON: The cans are small so be prepared to purchase extra bottles depending on the size of your project.
  • CON: The plastic cap top is difficult to remove so you have to use a screwdriver or a key to pop it off. I think this is a security measure, however it can be annoying to some.
Krylon Glitter Blast on Football cleats

Brigitte Baer, Baer Design Studio