How to Print Printable Tags at Home

Printable tags are extremely popular! People attach them to party favors, mini wine bottles, gift bags and thank you gifts.  Whether you are celebrating a milestone birthday, 50th anniversary, bridal shower, retirement, graduation, classroom parties, etc. printable tags are a great way to say “thank you” with a personalized touch. Ever wonder how to print printable tags right in your own home?  I want to demystify the process! I made a list of the most popular questions I am asked, and tried my best to answer them in this blog post.

1. How do I download the tags? Most printable tags come as jpeg or pdf.  You can open the PDF into the PDF viewer (this comes on most computers).  If not, you can download Adobe reader for free here: or open the jpeg into a software program of your choice. I sell both instant download tags and tags with personalized text here

2. What type of paper should I use? No matter the tag’s color and design, I recommend printing onto white paper so the images on your tag retain their integrity. I wrote a comparison article with my three top picks for printing. Because I use an Epson 1430 to print my projects,  I personally use Epson matte premium heavyweight presentation paper. It is designed for printing photos as well as text and I find that the colors are most vibrant when using this paper.  This is a 45 lb weight paper.  I find it is what I use 90% of the time when I print my own personal tags.

3. I need thicker paper! Can I use card stock? The number one printing problem comes from customers who are trying to print onto CRAFT STORE card stock. I do not recommend this type of card stock as it is porous and can have a coating. These papers are commonly found in the scrapbooking sections of stores such as Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.  Instead, look for inkjet or laser friendly card stock/cover paper online or at an office supply store. I find it is difficult to find in stores, so I purchase this one . If I need a stiff card stock, this is a good option it is called Accent Opaque. It comes in different weights.  I use the 110lb and 120lb card stock. I wrote a blog article specifically about the Accent Opaque card stock. You can read it here.

4. Can I use sticker paper? If you want to print out the tags onto sticker paper, here is an Avery sticker paper.  I like to use this paper when I want to add a tag to a candy buffet paper bag. I prefer to print my tags onto a full 8.5×11 sticker sheet and then trim with scissors or a paper cutter.

5. Why does my final print have a white border? The most overlooked component of printing at home tends to come with the printer settings. Make sure to adjust the printer settings on your printer.  This will vary based on your printer manufacturer.  The majority of the time I use “BORDERLESS PRINTING” because I do not want the printer to shrink my image and to make sure there is not an additional  white band added to the outer edge of my image. I always choose “BEST PHOTO”, even if I am not printing a photo (I find is best to treat the printable image as a photo).  These settings are generally found under the advanced settings option. Make sure to choose the correct “PAPER TYPE” setting.  When you are working with specialty papers, from Epson, Avery, etc., they enclose printer instructions which tell you which paper settings to use.

6. I need further help with my home printer.  I have written a blog article with more detailed printing suggestions and tips.

When you find a combination that works for you, keep that paper in stock AND write down the printer settings (write it directly on paper packaging). This way, if months pass between printing projects, you will not have to rely on your memory or start over from scratch! I always like to keep my favorite papers in stock for all those last minute projects.

If you prefer to send out your tags to be printed at Staples, Office Max, Kinkos, etc., they have a variety of paper finishes and paper weights to choose from.  Should they ask, you have my permission to have Baer Design Studio tags printed by a professional printer.

Please do not let these instructions overwhelm you! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions!

Thank you for visiting my shop!  Brigitte Baer,

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